Because We Understand Your Needs

From our personal experience in business and academia, we know too well how difficult and stressful it is to balance your daily commitments with the pursuit of funding so that your  dreams – be they research or business related – could be fulfilled.   In the highly competitive and complex environment of grant funding, having a brilliant idea is simply no longer enough:  the ability to “sell” your idea will often determine how well you can survive the funding competition to come on top as a winner.  That is precisely where we can help you maximise your full potential via:

  1. Creating a solid research or business case for funding based on your idea.
  2. Managing consortium or complex applications as well as projects post-award.
  3. Equipping you with the vital skills to successfully compete for grant funding.     

We understand your funding needs and help you all the way to achieve your dreams. 

Securing Millions

To date, over 29 million in grant funding secured for our business and academic clients. This is because we understand what it takes to be successful.

High Success Rates

Because we believe in your potential and specialise in funding solutions across Europe and beyond, we take pride in our exceptionally high success rates.

Connecting With You

We speak several languages and come from diverse cultural backgrounds, which makes it easier for us to connect with you and understand you better.

Ensuring Success

A unique blend of business, legal and academic skills, plus cross-disciplinary expertise, ensures your success at all stages of the funding project.

An Outline of Our Services

Training & Courses

Equipping PhD students and researchers of all levels with a range of vital transferable skills is at the core of our vision. This set of skills will enable you to successfully compete for funding and ensure your sustainable career development as a researcher or business.

Grant Applications

We are proud to maintain very high success rates with funding applications for our clients. Our unique co-creation approach establishes deeper trust between us and our clients and ensures success all the way: from grant identification through the application process to post-award management.

Grant Management

Administrative management of projects post-award is often a demanding and time-consuming process, including team support and coordination, creation of reports and evaluations to maintain the grant, as well as grant claims themselves. We are here to take care of this process so that you can focus on the main thing: your actual business or research.