About Us

We are a small, but successful, niche consultancy business based in Finland, which  happens to be the happiest country in the world.  Finland is known for its stunning Lapland (the home of Santa Claus), the northern lights, Nokia (yes, we are ranked the third most innovative country in the world), saunas, the wife carrying competition and quirky food (have you ever tasted salty liquorice?). 

Our consultancy was founded by Paul Bikeyev-Winter, whose main degree in European law was obtained at the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.  Paul was part of Euro Access, an extremely successful grant consultancy in Edinburgh over 2004-2012, advised on international legal matters to the Board of Directors of Rusnano, Russia’s largest nano-technology corporation, in Moscow over 2012-2017, and secured national and European funding for researchers at Åbo Akademi University over 2017-2020 in Turku, Finland.  Paul and his team of experts have an immense passion for helping researchers of all levels, including PhD students, as well as businesses, to grow, with a track record of success to match.

To date, we have secured over 29 million euros in grant support for our business and academic clients.  We love working with both researchers and entrepreneurs to create the focus that would enable them to achieve their research and business targets, and see their funding dreams fulfilled.  In addition, we have created and conducted a wide range of courses to equip the researchers and businesses with the essential transferable skills to embark on a sustainable career path. 

Our unique combination of business, legal and academic skills, coupled with the thorough knowledge of the major national and European funding schemes, as well as 5 European languages and the team’s diverse and multicultural background, gives us a solid competitive edge, allowing us to help you maximise your potential.