Services for BUSINESS

Services for Business

The most recent developments in the political, economic and social life of the European Union have created a dynamic and rapidly changing business environment, which poses both new opportunities and threats.   Grant Wiz offers holistic and accessible business solutions, as well as an individual approach in supporting our clients’ business projects.   Our success in providing these services is based on the following factors:

  • A highly competent team of specialists, which enables management of your business projects in an organised and efficient manner.
  • Wide cross-sectoral expertise in research and innovation, agriculture, infrastructure, tourism, leisure, regional development and corporate organisation.
  • Direct involvement in your projects, their monitoring, as well as resolution of external funding issues.
  • Deep understanding of various EU and national grant funding schemes.
  • Close cooperation with EU Directorates, national ministries and an  excellent reputation.
  • High level of referrals and retained business. 

Grant Wiz  offers the following solutions to businesses, charities and NGO’s: 

1.  Professional support in creating highly competitive grant applications.
2.  Mid-application and post-award management of your funding projects.
3.  Auxiliary 
business services as well as corporate legal services.  

Grant Applications

Sad but true: many businesses ignore this opportunity of grant funding, yet to date, Grant Wiz has secured in excess of 21 million euros solely for our business clients.  We are here to help you understand and adopt a strategy, which will enable you to maximise your funding potential from both national and European sources.  Such funding opportunities are truly diverse: from innovation and research to the digital agenda and the low-carbon economy, from support for SME’s to social and charitable projects.  This is how it works:

1.  We learn about your vision and aspirations.  We perfect them, get excited about them and believe in them.
2.  We identify the best funding options for you.  We also create an action plan to include every important detail.
3.  We create a solid business case for funding, including the economic, political etc. justification for the grant.
4.  We make sure your business plan/ application is comprehensive, coherent and highly competitive. 

In doing so, we will be closely communicating with you throughout the assignment.  We are in it because we care; your success will be our success, too!


  • Identification of optimal business & funding solutions
  • Creation of solid business cases from scratch
  • Professional management of corporate & consortium applications
  • Negotiations with grant authorities for you
  • Monitoring & administrative support
  • Creation of public & private partnerships for the project

Grant Management

Once your grant application has been approved, the level of managerial and administrative work involved increases dramatically.   Grant Wiz are prepared to stand in the gap for you, taking care of mid-application and post-award project management so that you can focus on what you do best – your business.


  • Professional mid-application & post-award project management 
  • Monitoring & administrative support
  • Compilation of invoices
  • Creation & submission of project reports
  • Grant claims

Auxiliary Business Services

Grant Wiz offers optimal business solutions in various sectors of economy and corporate law.  This wide spectrum of services ensures the following benefits for the clients:

–  Achievement of competitive advantage
–  Proactive decision-making
–  Focused lobbying
–  Integral strategic planning
–  Avoidance of potential political, economic, social, legal, image and other risks.

  • Sectoral analysis & market research
  • Creation & execution of effective lobbying strategies
  • Business planning & strategies
  • Monitoring of legislative changes
  • Complete development of business plans
  • Solutions  in corporate law & business optimisation