Services for Researchers

Services for Researchers

In a highly competitive environment of research funding, further exacerbated by the “publish or perish” culture, it is simply not enough to know the specific requirements of a grant application to achieve meaningful results.  In fact, it is vital to both understand what makes a successful application and to have the essential skills to create one. 

We know that the major needs, as indicated by researchers themselves, include generating funding and income for their work, as well as mastering of practical tools for creating competitive applications.   That is why Grant Wiz offers three distinct services to researchers of all levels and PhD students:

1.  Specialist training and courses in creating competitive applications for funding.
2.  Professional support in creating individual and consortium grant applications.
3.  Mid-application and post-award management of consortium applications.

In addition, we have an extensive experience in creating strategies for universities and businesses alike, including, but not limited to, lobbying at national and EU levelresearch-to-innovation and university-to-business strategies and action plans.


Training & Courses

Grant  Wiz  has  developed and conducted a wide range of training courses to enable a path to sustainability and success for researchers of all levels and PhD students, and to equip you with the necessary practical tools to get there.  Same-level applications in various countries administered by national foundations, Research Councils or Ministries of Science tend to have very minor differences.  However, there are plenty funding schemes across Europe, e.g. EU Horizon or Nordic Research Cooperation, that vary greatly in both purpose and expected outcome.

Our courses include various modules to suit our clients based on their location*, type of the funding sought after, as well as their career stages.  The courses combine theory and practice, and come with a handy electronic  manual.  We offer 3-, 6- and 10-hour courses, which are our very own “know-how”,  with immediate availability. 

* Typically, Nordic and Baltic countries, Central and Eastern European countries as well as EU-associated states. 

  • How to create competitive funding applications
  • An overview of Horizon 2020 & Horizon Europe, including RIA, ERC, FET & ITN
  • Practical steps to securing national funding for research (researchers and PhD students) 
  • Research-to-business & innovation funding for business-minded researchers 
  •  Preparation for the 3MT competition
  • SBIR & NIH funding programmes (USA)

Grant Applications

Sad but true: it is no longer sufficient to only have an excellent research idea to secure funding.  Research grant applications must now be viewed and created as credible and viable business plans, which, in turn, requires a business mindset.  An addition of the essential sections on e.g. rationale, societal impact,  project deliverables, risk assessment, sustainable development, strategic fit, best practice etc. makes it hard to focus on the most important thing you are best at – your actual research! Grant Wiz has developed our very own co-creation approach to your funding needs, which can be divided into the following steps:

1.  We learn about your vision and aspirations.  We perfect them, get excited about them and believe in them.
2.  We identify the best funding options for you.  We also create an action plan to include every important detail.
3.  We write up those sections that are not as straightforward as your hypothesis and methodology.
4.  We make sure your application is comprehensive, coherent and highly competitive.  

In doing so, we will be closely communicating with you throughout the assignment.  We are in it because we care; your success will be our success, too!

  • Identification of optimal funding solutions
  • Individual & consortium applications in any field
  • Creation of your grant application from scratch
  • Professional management of individual & consortium applications
  • Compilation of project budget
  • Negotiation with grant authorities
  • Creation of dissemination & other strategies
  • Creation & coordination of public & private partnerships for your project

Grant Management

Once your grant application has been approved, if you are an individual researcher or a PhD student, you normally would manage project research, reports and regular claims without assistance.

With consortium projects, however, the level of managerial and administrative work involved increases dramatically.  Principal investigators then often have to compromise their own research, as well as teaching, for the sake of keeping the project together and the grant-issuing authorities updated.

Grant Wiz are prepared to stand in the gap for you, taking care of post-award project management so that you can focus on what you do best – your research!

  • Professional mid-application & post-award project management 
  • Consortium projects in any research field
  • Coordination of dissemination strategies
  • Expenditure monitoring
  • Compilation of invoices
  • Creation & submission of project reports