Why Choose Our Services

Excellent Track Record

Over €29 million euros secured for our business and academic clients to date, with exceptionally high success rates. This is because we love seeing your ideas turn into actions and we get as excited about your vision and your project nearly as much as you do!


Novel Approach

Our very own co-creation approach allows us to establish deeper trust with our clients, maintaining uninterrupted communication and cooperation throughout the process. For best results, we write up your applications from scratch. Understanding our clients' needs and envisioning the end result are key to creating solid and convincing business cases.

Unique Blend of Expertise

The rare combination of business, legal and academic skills, as well as our cross-disciplinary expertise, combined with thorough knowledge of European and national grant schemes (both business and academic) ensures a holistic approach to our clients' needs, as well as a competitive edge in creating solid cases for funding.


Enabling Sustainable Career and Business Paths

In addition to securing funding for you, we equip you with a very useful set of transferable skills, setting you on a path of sustainability by helping you understand and master the key to success in funding applications and managing research and business projects.


We only got this innovation funding for our research-to-business project because you got involved, guided us throughout the application process and created this business plan for us - thank you!
Senthil Rajendran & Preethy Paul
PhD Students & Young Entrepreneurs
My research plan had been stagnant for years as I'd been desperate for the missing research questions. Suddenly, I could see them and had to leave in a hurry to share them with my professor - he was well pleased! This is the uttermost achievement of a single seminar!
Timo Martola
PhD Student
You managed to bring us together at the very last moment and rewrote our business application with us . Thank you for your invaluable support, without which this funding would not have been possible.
Leena Hupa
Thank you for much help and dedication, which enabled us to get this 1.9 million EACEA grant administered by the European Commission!
Siv Björklund
Thanks for the 3-hour intensive workshop - one of the best academic happenings I have ever attended! I'm deeply grateful for the opportunity to listen to all the brilliant ideas, as well as your way of steering the discussion
Päivi Alho

I loved the speed, the enthusiasm and the encouragement to do what we love. I will inspire my colleagues with what I've learnt and hope this course will be held again so I can invite my colleagues to go. Our applications will be better after this!
Laura Brännkärr-Väänänen
PhD Student